Monday, February 3, 2014

Another 6wks of winter

I know many were tied to the TV to watch the (somewhat disappointing) Superbowl. However, after much cleaning and organizing, my main concern was what Phil the Groundhog was up to. And yes, he saw his shadow! Not hard to believe, since today we're getting torrential rain mixed with snow (slushies anyone?), and are expecting the weather to remain about the same for the next 2 weeks.

While I do love cold weather and I am not complaining, what I don't like is colds! Apparently one hit me yesterday evening and I've been coughing most of this morning and just feeling very off. Doesn't help I got zero sleep last night... was just very uncomfortable and couldn't rest. Can't wait to get off work today and go to sleep!

If anything, one good thing about the weekend is that I ended up switching my plan, yet staying with Verizon. I went to a prepaid plan for $50. Refill cards can be had online for about $46 with discounts (not counting credit card cashback!), so I'd say I am happy. There are a lot of up-front costs that I somehow didn't realize. There's the $50 for the first month, and before Feb is over, I have to buy a refill card for $46. On top of having to pay my current Verizon bill for my terminated account ($86). It should get a lot easier going forward, I hope! All of these extra expenses will come straight out of my PT job, so no big deal.

Speaking of PT job, I've gotten a lot better about moving the full pay away from my checking account the moment I get paid. I don't even miss it! And it accumulates pretty fast, so I am happy. I want to build up $500 for a "slush/Murphy" fund, and then start redirecting the rest to my savings account for redistribution.

So on the list for today: adjust my 401k or IRA amounts (not sure which one will get the funds...), request days off for my dentist appointment, try to find a flight+hotel for my brother's marine graduation on the 28th... oh yeah, and taxes. Finally got my W2s. Fun stuff!


  1. Feel better soon, girlie! And that Phil... I do mind both colds AND cold weather. So ready for spring...

  2. There's nothing worse than a head cold...unless it's a chest cold...or the flu. Anyhoo drink lots of fluids, especially with lemon and scotch in them! :) It's supposed to help! Can't wait to get my refund but haven't done my taxes yet, hate that part of things - just want the refund!