Monday, December 9, 2013

Direct Deposit error, or maybe not?

*taking a quick break from cramming a bunch of union terms. Days before exam: 6!!*

Last week at my part time job, many people were reporting that they were incorrectly applying their vacation for this coming week. I didn't think much of it, since I am part time and don't get vacation hours from this job. I checked anyway, and sure enough, there were 3 days of vacation applied on the online scheduling, bumping me from 8 hours worked to 38 hours. This system is correlated to the payroll system, so I ended up with 30hrs of extra pay.

Being the prudent HR person I am (and I'd hate to be behind any pay error), I talked to my manager on Saturday, since HR was long gone on Friday by the time I got to work. Apparently, I've had vacation available to me. Reason for this is that I am grandfathered into "the plan". Or so my manager explained it to me, but he was just relieved he didnt mess up payroll.

Now, that's great! I have 30 hours of legitimate vacation pay to throw into my car-fund goal, PLUS 50 hours of accrued and unused vacation. Bad news? How the heck long has this been going on?!! At this PT job, you can only carry over 1 year's worth of vacation. So in theory, I've been losing vacation pay for over 6 years. Can you tell why I'm not a happy camper? Of course, I know that it is not illegal as vacation pay isn't mandatory compensation (exam item!), to some degree. I do remember asking about vacation pay about 4 years ago, but I was told I did not qualify, which came to no surprise. I asked because the payroll system kept accruing it anyway.

I have a call in to HR tomorrow to further discuss what the heck just happened. It was supposed to be today, but I am so behind processing open enrollment that I didn't even eat my lunch or take a break. Lots of coffee, though. PT job's HR dept is painfully unorganized, so I can only imagine how the conversation will go... I guess my priority tomorrow is to 1) re-verify I am eligible for vacation pay (since this would affect about 3-4 other part time employees who like me have been there forever, and my manager could've been wrong in assuming I have vacation pay) and 2) what they plan on doing about this mis-communication and all these lost years of vacation. I guess this is a To Be Continued post!


  1. WOW!! WOW again! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it all works out in your favor. Since you asked previously (4 years ago) and were told you weren't eligible it sure isn't YOUR fault that you didn't get it so you should be reimbursed, at least to MY way of thinking.

  2. Work with HR, you can probably get most of it back since they didn't tell you about it...