Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Customer Service and more work

Very surprising, my part time work is still going steady. Somewhat to my dismay, because I've been ready for a break from it since April. Good thing is  I still get paid! Yay. Bad thing is, I have forgotten what non-working weekends were like. But I am thankful for the extra work and it keeping me busy.

Speaking of my part time work, my other shoes broke. I ordered new ones online about 1.5wks ago and used them on Saturday.

They. Were. Horrible. For being "At Work" shoes, they were worse than walking barefoot. No support AT ALL, no cushion and minimal mobility. On top of that, after my 11hr shift, I get home and remove the shoes... to find that they somehow got scratched and started peeling off. On both shoes, mirror images. After 1 day. I was NOT a happy camper!

So in the heat of the moment (ahem, 12:45am), I wrote a very passionate, courteous, but ticked off email to the company that sold the shoes and not the makers. Again, I was tired and upset. I didn't think anything would come out of it. I got an email today that they were refunding the purchase price, plus told me I could keep the shoes, since I had already worn them. That was a decent deal and entirely unexpected. I am not sure I will use those shoes again... maybe for light wear, but I will use the money to buy some real work shoes. After walking around on flats for 10-12hrs a day at my part time job, having the right shoes is a MUST, and once you try the soft, cushiony soles of good heavy duty work shoes, you can never go back.

(The company I bought from was 6PM thanks to some good sales, but the shoes were a definite no go.)


  1. That's awesome they refunded your money. So many places lack in the customer service department. Looks like 6pm has it right.

  2. Girls and their shoes lol but I agree, that is really nice of them! I think I would have just donated them.


  3. I used to wear the no-slip Skechers and I liked those.