Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm still standing

I've been on a wicked 70-80's music mood for the past few days. Not that it is a bad thing or anything.

Sorry I've been extremely quiet recently. I've finally found most of my routine, and I'm afraid that if I let it slip, it will be gone forever. I've been exercising, studying, eating (biggest achievement!), doing a lot of non-study reading (hurray for free or cheap books!), and apparently, spending too much time at my dad's. Money wise, I have only spent about $15 this week and shouldn't have to spend any funds on dinner next week. I still have $12 and change, which should be plenty to buy salad stuff for lunches.

I am having the hardest time finding the exact same wheel/rim for my car. My dad refuses to let me get a different one, or even a similar one. I don't like driving with the donut on, as I think my car feels slightly unstable. Might be just my nerves. I have the money set aside (about $300 including a tire), but can't get it done until I find the right wheel. Frustrating.

Nothing else worthwhile to report, I am off to start my weekend. Working today after work at my PT job, and also working tomorrow. Woo hoo, extra money. Boo hoo, no free time.

Hope everybody has an awesome weekend. The weather itself is reason enough to be cheerful and content. 60-70 degree weather, where have you been all summer?!


  1. No, can't drive with a donut on. Your dad "won't let you" get a different one? What?

    Put a tire on your car...driving with a donut is not safe!

  2. I second Lisa! It's dangerous!