Monday, August 12, 2013

Hello, Monday! Not glad to see you!

Wow, what a busy day. It's amazing how much can go amiss when you take a few days off from work! I'm almost terrified it's so late in August. Though it is a 3 paycheck month (yay!) and it means 1 more month will be taken from my final count (T-22 months before moving time!), September is looming by. What is September? Employee evaluation time! Wee... not. Evaluations always make me nervous, though so far I have been doing alright at work. It's hard to do much when your work depends on other people doing their jobs. And once nagging has been fully assimilated and people start ignoring you, things just get tough. Stuff gets lost. People start whining. Fun stuff! But with so much going awry so close to evaluations, I won't lie and say it doesn't stress me out. The halo/horn effect can be quite scary and powerful.

I had a good return to vacation. Did my laundry, actually cooked something (Sluggy sent me with some food, so I wasted no time and used some of it), but to be honest, I'm already exhausted. And guess what?! It's only Monday!

I'll go drown my sorrows in another study chapter. But before I go into that, I finally entered in Quicken all of those wandering receipts from using cash-only. Then quickly decided that I am done with cash months! I know and admire those that can deal with the tracking, but I'm just not a cash person. I prefer to use my credit cards same-as-cash, knowing always how much is left on my bank account, and paying it right off. It helps me keep track of things. It makes it a world to analyze my spending. And it makes my money work for me, even if it's just a few cents at a time. So yeah, now that I've accumulated 4 months doing cash-only, I won't do it again. Not for the remainder of the year, anyway.

Stay well!


  1. I can't do cash months either! I tried a few times (until somebody stole some money from my purse), and I'm done!


  3. Happy Birthday to you. . .Happy Birthday to You. . .Happy Birthday dear Tanner . . . Happy Birthday to You! Any many, many more!!!!!

    (Sluggy made me do it!)

  4. Let me pitch in here as well although I think I might be a bit late. Happy birthday Tanner :)

    Also, I doubt I could ever do cash only. Don't think it was made for my generation. I also like the idea that by using credit cards, my money is working for me, even if just a few cents.

  5. Happy Birthday! Sluggy made me say that...

    I'm so jealous that all your bloggers are meeting each other and I'm not! darn.