Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend recap + July's to-do list

Let's see, where to start...

- I'm all moved in! Everything's still in boxes, but I'm pretty much in. The drive isn't as far as I thought, and I found the grocery store all by myself! Go me!
- Cash month was a success!
- The 5yo girl was there this weekend, and boy, do they have questions! I wasn't quite prepared for that level of involvement, but it was enjoyable anyway. The girl is really cute and kept me busy.
- I saw off my half brother after a very nice dinner. He's FL bound to continue with med school. It'll probably be another few years (3-5) before we can meet face to face again. Sigh. I'll miss the little brat, who's not so little anymore.
- I spent $28 for the above mentioned dinner and $11.50 for lunch on Sunday, seeing as I had no food, quite literally. Good thing, all that is covered in my cash budget. I still have ~$10 left!
- I was reminded I need to start studying. That was my only failed quarterly goal. I have spent too much time looking for "affordable" studying material, vs focusing on what is the best material to buy. I think this may be a bad idea overall. The price range for different materials range from $40 to $750.

As far as to-do lists...

- Buy studying materials and start studying. ASAP!
- Get the finer details for the concert trip at the end of the month (gas expenses, food planning, etc)
- Complete dental appointment. *cringes*
- Finish planning on vacation days
- Order contact lenses. Seriously. This has been due since December!
- Get house stuff as needed (bed comforter comes to mind)

It will be no doubt a bit of an expensive month, as I have not properly saved for the dental appointment (I think it will be around $250, but not sure). So as always, any overages will be covered by my misc budget, PT job's check or slush fund if necessary.

Here's to a good month!


  1. Good luck in July! I hope, you'll enjoy your new place :)

  2. Yes, I hope this living situation is a lot more to your liking.
    No more moving! ;-)

  3. Glad you are getting settled.

  4. Sounds like everything is going well... :) Hope you have a great month!!

  5. You should ask for discounts or payment options with a dentist and call around, it never hurts to ask! Be on the lookout for free clinics in your area too, like this one, near my hometown: