Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Month end already? Noooo & August Goals

Not ready! What happened to July? When did August sneak by? Geez. I've been too busy to notice. I must be getting older... which I will be, in a few days!

Let's look at what the heck happened in July. Because let me tell ya, it felt like a disaster!

To do list for July:
- Buy studying materials and start studying. ASAP! Done. Studying also underway at good pace. 
- Get the finer details for the concert trip at the end of the month (gas expenses, food planning, etc). Um.... not sure. I did have the gas expenses, winged the food planning and made my own lunch, but did not account for tolls? So-so?
- Complete dental appointment. *cringes* Examination DONE! Appt is Aug 14. No cavities. Yay!
- Finish planning on vacation days Done. 
- Order contact lenses. Seriously. This has been due since December! Done.
- Get house stuff as needed (bed comforter comes to mind) Got the comforter and a chair. This room is as done as it's gonna get for a while.

Being month end, here's what my spending looked like...

Home category includes furnishing, so it shows the office chair I got from Staples. My top 3 categories were rent, snowball debt payments and this month, healthcare (paid for contact lenses and dentist visit). The rest are a bit jumbled up. I'm still spot on for gas, went over both my food and misc. categories, but they even out after I remove vacation related items. Not a bad month at all. Over half a year gone, and I still have not found the right/proper way to report my budget... I only know if it's pass or fail, but not by how much. Hmph... I will continue to experiment.

My goals/to-do list for August:
- End in the green!
- Pay for dentist's appt ($80)
- Finish studying 75% of the book (close to 45% now)
- Complete application for SPHR exam to be submitted in Sept. after 5 year anniversary
- Complete SPHR fees (missing $300!)
- Save some money. Any amount. I've been running it so close forever, and even over, that I haven't really saved any money to any of the goals.
- Cook a nice recipe from somewhere

Things that are going to help me this period...
- 3 check month!!
- Free dinner at Sluggy's! Yay for free food!
- Landlord's kids, who consume most of my time, will be going to their dad's for a week. I can actually study!

I know my "goals" are more of a to-do list without remedy, but as long as I don't feel the month was wasted and went in a blur, it gives me a false sense of direction. That's all that matters, no? Happy month-end!


  1. I'm a little jealous. I would love to have dinner with Sluggy. She's so interesting and a pretty good cook, I think.

  2. Tanner, I wouldn't be Woohoo-ing about eating dinner haven't tasted my food yet. lolz

  3. See, no cavities! And you were afraid of this appointment :)... Enjoy your dinner with Sluggy and post some pictures, ladies!!

  4. July treated you better than it did me Tanner, I was doing good until the last week and because of how things progressed, the ending was bad and that overflowed into the beginning of this month so this month started pretty sucky. I really have to work hard to reign it in now but I have plans to make sure this month is successful as possible.

    I wish you all the best.