Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My Part-Time Job

I almost did not even want to mention the possibility of quitting my PT job in a previous post, though it makes sensible economic sense. I love it there, though it is not glamorous, easy or stress-free. It's actually quite tough. I work at a hotel as a server.

If I were to quit by Nov, I'd be 9 years into it. It'd be a shame to quit without getting to 10! I may be vain, but I think working anywhere for 10 years should look really good on a resume, which I'll need to land an out-of-state job when I start the moving process in 2 years.

I got this job shortly after we moved to the US, as a "for the summer" job (or for 9 summers thus far). It is a nice hotel. I love my managers and I get along great, especially with those that have been there as long or longer.

Being part time, I am mostly there during busy season: Fridays and Saturdays, Apr through Oct. I can reasonably expect to get between 6 and 25 hours every 2 weeks, 8-15hrs being a fair average.

Anyway, this job has some obvious pluses and minuses.

- Extra money, about $150-$350/mo
- 401k Matching contributions (small amounts because I work few hours, but free is free)
- Different line of work vs sitting in a desk at FT
- Get to hang out with my dad for a bit on the weekend
- I enjoy working with the people there; they're like family
- Possible future referral**
The hotel I work with is part of a nationwide chain, which means if I were to remain active, I could just request a transfer. No guarantees, but better than nothing!)

- It's far. 60mi each way from FT job. Broken down, it's about $9 in gas each way
- Having to go to my parents' house for a day or two = big upsets and money sinks
- Definitely not the best "bang for my buck". I could be working somewhere closer
- Tiring as heck, and though I'm only 26, my body is quite showing signs of it
- Socialization? Time off? What's that?!

As much as I love toying with the idea of quitting and the endless free weekends I'd get, I just can't bring myself to it. I like my weekend mental-health break which this hotel provides. The money ain't half bad either, but not that much when you add in commute and parent related expenses. What would you do? Ever had a job that you felt like you should quit, but didn't?


  1. Could you try to find something closer to your new place or FT job? Do you have more than one hotel of this chain where you live?

    1. I'm sure I could. With almost 10 years of experience, I'm definitely sure I could. There's no more of the chain in this side of the shore, which puts the closest one about 2hrs away plus $6 in tolls.

  2. I agree with Lena - maybe you can find something close to home as a server. Honestly - I don't think whether your resume says 9 years or 10 years at the same job is going to make that much of a difference to a potential employer - both amounts of time look good on a resume. My main job I had when I got my degree I was at for 9 1/2 yrs...I really don't think it hurt my resume that I didn't make it there another 6 months :)

  3. I was both a cocktail waitress (at a hotel) & a bartender (at a bowling alley/ nightclub) in my 20's - it was sooooo fun but I also worked full time & I did end up quite exhausted. I would do it for about a year, then quit, then go back, then quit LOL - I did this three times at each place. I couldn't imagine working 2 jobs like that now but at the time it was fun. I'm sorry, there is not a bit of advice in this comment :)