Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goals, goals, and more goals

June is almost gone and I thought it'd be a good time to review my 3 sets of goals and how I'm doing:

1) I did make a dentist appointment that wont be until July (no surprise there) Pass
2) I'm getting my haircut on Tuesday. Pass
3) It's been raining cats and dogs here, so a car wash makes no sense. In progress
4) Since I'm moving again, my moving budget is pretty much awash. I didn't go over apparently, and haven't had to mess my other goals, so I'd say I'm good! In progress

30 MONTHS (1/'13 - 6/'13) (wow, it's been 30 months since I started this journey?!)
1. CC1 PAID OFF by 2/'13 Changed to 3/'13 DONE IN JAN! 
2. Maintain EF intact through mid year It remains untouched. What's more, I have a small slush fund!
3. Save/build up $500 for various goals (Christmas or vacation funds) Very over-done. Saved $700 for Christmas, $700 for vacations, $250 for my phone and $230 for certification exam.
4. Create study plan. Start studying no later than June at 4hrs/week. Ahem... No idea what's going on here.
5. Rebuild $2000 car fund by May June Will be done in July, actually. Close enough, no?
6. Fix the car or look into replacing it by summertime (3 windows broken during 100 degree weather and no A/C = NO!) Fixed the windows back in February. Thank goodness, because I LOVE having 4 working windows!

I won't go over each goal as most are on-track. Some aren't. I need to re-start reading. So far I only have free books in my Kindle, but I think I'm up to 8 or 9 books read. My weight has been at the +/-5lbs on and on. My lowest weight was 142, so 8lbs away from my goal. I'm currently at a pretty solid 150, so 15lbs to go.

So far, so good. Time to gear up for the second-half of the year.

I know goals are falling out of style, so I'll ask instead: how are you doing now compared to where you thought you'd be by now? I think that other than the moving, I'm exactly where I wanted to be, if not a bit better off. Hope the second half goes this well!


  1. You're doing great! And, we have the same goal weight. ;-) The last 8 pounds are killing me.

    1. I remember reading your weight goal, and I didn't feel too bad about my own, haha!

  2. Am I reading this right, that you are moving AGAIN?!
    What happened?
    Good job on the other stuff

    1. Haha, well, this will only be the second time since having to move out because landlords selling the house… as to what happened… or what didn't, no internet at all! And I mean… AT ALL. Along with other house stuff. This one was meant to be temporary or semi temporary, so hopefully my next one will last.

  3. June is almost gone?? Don't scare me! I still have to much work to do this month before it's gone :) Nice job on your goals :)

  4. Goals are good to have! They help keep your eye on the prize. You're doing great with yours!