Wednesday, June 5, 2013

4 things for me to accomplish this month

Everything has been pretty much out of control since May, but I'm still on budget (or over if we were to consider the spending of my PT job's earnings). Things are about to take another sharp turn soon as the plot with the whole moving thickens, but your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway, there are 4 tasks I keep putting off. So to combat the chaos that this month holds, I'm try to create control and order. These 4 tasks are:
1) Make a dental appointment. Seriously. Even though I don't have any dental insurance, I NEED to get this done. I'm sure I won't be seen this month, but getting the appt is half the battle.
2) Get a haircut. Simple enough. Last time I got one was at least 12-18mo ago, and it shows. That's also an instant mood booster, and I need some of that these days.
3) Get my moving-related expenses tallied, ASAP!
4) Wash my car. Ahem. It has seen better days, and the windshield looks awful in any light.

Small, probably not very driven or ambitious list, but if I can get it done, I'll be a happier person. (Honestly, I forgot what #3 was and substituted it. It will come back to me soon)

One thing I've realized about wealth is that I'd like to be wealthy enough to do major-impact random acts of kindness. There are so many people out there that need a hand, but I feel my own are tied. Not for long. But for now, they are.

Do you strive to be wealthy? What's your reason? Family? Lifestyle? Richness itself?


  1. Is your real name Tatiana? What a beautiful name. Can I steal it for my baby? I love it. I hope my husband likes it. He only like super traditional names.

    Off track--when you make your dental appt, tell them that you don't have insurance and would like to minimize your costs. It really does help. I think they only do some stuff so often because insurance pays. You could also check into a dental or dental hygienist school for a cheap cleaning/exam. We have one in our town and they always need people and it costs $10.

    Girl, you deserve to get your hair cut. Just do it.

    I save money and strive for wealth because I know how bad it sucks to be broke. I want to always have enough money for indoor plumbing, food to eat and a safe place to sleep. I was embarrassed to have clothes that didn't fit and couldn't afford different ones. I want a comfortable life and money provides that.

  2. Haha, yes. That's my name (though with two N's). I guess my phone automatically sends that out with emails, since I still have no internet at home. The name is Russian (I am not), and also can be shortened as Tania as per heritage. Or T or Tata, Tati, etc.

    I'll check about the dental schools, I've heard a lot about those. Not sure we have one around here, being so out of nowhere, but worth a try.

    1. That's my Mom's and my aunt's name :) Both Russian :)

    2. That really is a beautiful name... Seems this post should be about your real name lol. I know the name from a anime I use to watch and I've loved it every since. It always reminds me of a really strong female warrior. Which is what you are actually.

      Back to to topic. I want to echo everything ND said completely.

      I strive to be wealthy because I just want to be free. Travel on a whim, help people, not feel like I need my job... The goal is financial freedom for me.

    3. Noo. Haha. It slipped out because I had to post from my phone, which signs with my name. Traveling is indeed a pretty good goal.

  3. I think all but #3 will be instant mood elevators! And you totally need it. I know the move has been uber stressful.

    I don't want to be "wealthy" per se. I want to be able to have a life that allows us to live splurge on be able to help others without having to give it much thought. So maybe my definition of wealthy isn't directly related to money (as in a specific dollar value).

  4. In our area we constantly get coupons for "first time customers' at various dental offices. Worth asking if they have any promotion if it's a new place for you.

    As for money, I agree with Mysti. I want to have enough so that we wouldn't need to pinch pennies all the time, and also enough to help others. But there are many ways we can help and serve without giving money. Volunteering is a great way to help (like in a Food Bank or other places for those who struggle). It actually gives you a different appreciation for what you already have in your life, and how blessed it really is!

  5. Not wealthy. I strive to have my debt paid off, an emergency fund and a bit of extra money for travel and things that are important to me. But as for being Not interested.