Monday, May 27, 2013

Month in Review

It's hard to capture a good picture of my spending with Quicken, since it doesn't quite reflect when purchases are made with savings. Case in point, this would be my month in review:

The Shopping section is rather high, yes, because it includes $350 planned purchases (including my phone and camera). I'm loving the new phone! It is a bit larger than my old one, as to be expected, but it actually works. Who knew phones could actually work?! The data plan is finally getting some decent usage.

The debt repayment has gone slow for at least another 2 months when I complete my car fund, and then it will be full power on that. The $2k took priority since the car has developed some new mystery noises we can't pinpoint. And in case it does go kaput, then I'll have a down payment...a very small one, or be able to pay for repairs. One of the two.

My plan was to move on Sunday/Monday, but I worked a ridiculous amount of hours this weekend at my PT job (they even convinced me of working on a Sunday! I haven't done that in YEARS!). Good on the money front, but I am more sore than I'd like, considering all the moving of boxes. So the moving is happening this week, either tomorrow Tuesday or on Wednesday. I'll have no internet either, at least not until it is set up. Woo hoo!... wait, wrong expression. Here's 90% of my belongings not including everyday toiletries and kitchen stuff. Isn't that cute? I'm so move ready!

The new place is quite lacking on the kitchen department. It's very surprising to me how many people do not cook... at all. I was thinking about hitting yard sales if I can work around my PT job's schedule, as most of the yard sales happen during the weekend, when I am working. I need to pick up at least some bakeware and a filtrated pitcher. Went to target to check out prices, and I really would rather not spend up in the $100's in bakeware and bathroom stuff. We have a (very) small 2nd hand store about half hour away which I'll try to check too.

That's my plan anyway. My head has been spinning nonstop since last week, but things are bound to quiet down, and I'm looking forward to a very quiet, very cheap June!


  1. Tanner, great work on the car fund. You just never know. I would definitely try to check out garage sales for bakeware. You should be able to find good stuff pretty reasonably. Sometimes people have sales on Thursday and Friday evenings here because many people leave on the weekends. Good luck moving!

  2. Oh to be young and have so little to move....lolz

    So where are you moving To?....or did I miss that?...

  3. Your spending looks a lot like mine and for the very same reason of not being able to reflect accurately when savings are spent. In order to combat that problem, I decided to leave my savings and spend the money I would have saved for the month(a bit confusing but it worked for me).

    I also have been enjoying my knew phone which is bigger than my old one as well; and my new TV. This month has been really expensive for me but it has also been just as enjoyable with my new "stuff".

    On the moving front, you seem to be doing good, I wish every time I moved that was the maximum stuff I had. It is also good that you intend to hit up yard sales, cooking utensils can be expensive. I know cause I bought my mom a few over the years.

  4. Good luck on your move!! You don't own much at all :)

  5. Yes, good luck! You should get lucky at thrift and garage sales, its all about house hold items. Don't you hate it when you spend too much, it freaks me out, but then I go into a no spend mode to catch back up!

  6. I can't imagine not cooking, so yeah, I'd hit goodwill or Salvation Army . I like your quicken program . Is that one you buy or can get free. I use but it only tracks ,so I'm always looking for new budget programs. I really liked Dave Ramsey's but after 6 months was not willing to pay 10 a month for it.