Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Randomly generated update

There are some days -and some people- who just zap the energy out of you. This weekend, I worked both Friday night and Saturday night with the same group at my part time job, and they were the kind of high-and-mighty condescending people you hope you've only read of in stories. Nothing we did could please them, and even when things went wrong because of their own fault/tardiness, it was our fault and they were not shy about letting us know and demanding it was fixed.

I guess this doesn't apply to a lot of people, but when you are in the service industry where you don't have to exclusively deal with locals, the best tip is to remind yourself is that you probably will never see those people again. Smile and do your best, and know that by the end of the night, they will be gone from your life. I found great comfort in that knowledge as I was rescheduling things for the 4th time with this couple.

This used to be a HUGE stress trigger for me. When I was young and foolish (I may not be that young anymore, and the foolish part is still up for questioning), I used to be cut down, embarrassed, looked down upon by many a condescending guest. A bad experience would sour my weekend and seep into my week as I started to wonder what I did wrong. It took me a few more years to such exposure before I realized that the problem wasn't me; it was them.

Anyway, this weekend I had more errands to run and would not have completed it if I was feeling crummy. They were a bit low importance, but I had been looking forward to them for a week. There will definitely be things day in and day out that will wear you down and try their best to make your days long and miserable, but a lot of the time, it's a choice to allow it. So don't! Debt is hard enough, you don't need to give it any more weapons to use against you.

I am trying to get my income/expense numbers put together for Thursday, as this month was an unexpected cash month with literally no real tracking. That it became a cash month definitely helped out a LOT! I don't know if I would've gone over too too much, but I know I wouldn't have done anywhere as well.

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