Friday, April 12, 2013

March in Review

I'm still tracking all of my expenses (thank you Quicken). Instead of boring y'all with numbers, I'll throw a pretty graphic and call it a day. This is for all that happened during the month of March, minus transfers to savings, since Quicken doesn't register those.

Things worth mentioning... my top 3 categories.

1) Green: Loan payments- I paid over $700 to my SL2! That's dropping fast!.. but that'll be the last month for it until August. Loan2 is broken into 4 loans bundled. Two with low balance, 2.50% interest, one with a low balance (which was PAID OFF TODAY!) and 6.55% interest, and the mammoth one at 6.55% interest which is my next target after my car fund is repaid.
2) Blue: Rent - 'Nuff said.
3) Yellow: Parents - ... ditto.

Funny to note: Red and orange#2, my shopping and food - I spent only $150 on myself in March. Ouch!

I used my car fund (a total of $2k) last October to pay off my parents' car. I never rebuilt it. So from this pay on, I'll work on it at full force. This means that until August, all of my extra snowball money will go to that fund. But don't worry, that means little in the negative side. I knew this loan against myself had to be paid at some point, so it's already been factored in with all of my plans.

I'm not sure why, but even if it's only $2k, I 'd like to have that fund back. It never stays for long, but maybe this time it will. I also like the safety of knowing that I can pay for car repairs or if my car goes kaput, I could use it as a very, very very very tiny down payment.

Happy Friday!

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