Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Fighting responsibility

I know that I use the cop-out that I wasn't the one to get myself in debt more often than I deserve to. Mostly in battles with myself when I'm getting frustrated at my progress, or how I see it, the lack of. "I didn't go buying expensive things, or even many cheap things". Fine. I didn't. But if I wasn't a part of the solution, I was certainly part of the problem. I have fully taken responsibility on this, but why is it that it still gets me so bitter and worked up?

At the very beginning of this blog, I very... naively mentioned that I didn't want to be different from other people in debt. I wanted to blame myself and learn the hard way, to be the one that bought things I couldn't afford. Instead, I was the one that sat and turned a blind eye while others made (bad) decisions for me. I guess we all have our demons to fight, but I realized they are all very different from other people's.

In the midst of yet another losing battle against myself, I got around to updating my debt counter, and something caught my eye... not only is my net-worth just $500 away from $5,000 in the green (it was very negative just this past October), but my debt has fallen under $10K to $9,939! I'd say that's reason enough to celebrate. I'll fight the good fight another day.

As far as my finances... well, still on cruise control. BO-ring. Finding a few bumps along the road, especially on my tracking, but I haven't gone grocery shopping all this week!... wait, that's not something to be proud. I guess I just don't have much of an appetite these days. Kind on the wallet, especially since I've been spending all of my extra money at my parents'.

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  1. It wasn't your fault, and you know what I think you should have done about the debt you didn't incur--but we won't get on that subject again. You're doing an amazing job, and your story is really inspiring.