Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Goonies-style dream

I just had to share this particular dream that had me laughing upon waking. The setting is more or less like The Goonies, minus the adventure and the Cyndi Lauper song. (For those that haven't seen the movie, it's a must! But the synopsis is a bunch of kids go pirate ship's treasure hunting, villains at their tail who force them out of the ship and treasure, all while losing all of the treasure, the ship and getting arrested. Back home, the kids are losing their home because the parents couldn't afford the house. They discover that they had pocketed away some treasure from the ship and save the day).

But anyway, it was me and my brother with that little bag of jewels at the end, worth 1 million in dreamworld currency. Our parents were losing the house, and now we're deciding what to do exactly. Well, my brother was, anyway. He was thinking about buying himself a house in the 500k's. Talking about all the stuff it must have, most of it optional stuff. I am trying to talk some sense into him that those "musts" were actually "would be nice to have"s. Then my mother calls him and tells him not to get that house he's been wanting... but to go for something MORE expensive and better. All I can think of is the upkeep costs from a property that large.

I woke up a bit after, frustrated, but laughing at the nonsense. That seems to be the stage of my life with a lot of friends. They're making some questionable or just plain bad financial decisions because they want more, more and more, but won't worry about what comes "later", such as all the money wasted and interest accrued.

It is indeed something very bad to give financial advice to others that differs from their views, and they will take some offense faster than if you argued religion or politics with them. How do you approach that? Any way to give people some sensible advice about how to handle their finances, or do you just go hands off and watch them tumble down the wrong path?

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