Tuesday, March 5, 2013

An alternative handling of rainy days

I am normally a very positive person, so in view of challenging situations, it's not a big deal for me to look at the silver lining and shift my focus. Still, bad days creep by and I find them rather hard to deal with.

Today was one of those days where the universe collaborated (and I must say, that was a lot of group effort) to make sure today sucked. Every aspect of it seemed to be for the birds.

I think that sort of day is what "rainy day" savings are for. Today, I wanted nothing more than to just eat and sleep. And by eat, I mean not cook. Last few times I've had days of this caliber, I often ended up ordering takeout and eating away my misery. Today, I was really, really close to that.

But since I didn't really have any funds cash (not that it was a big impediment), I managed to stall the conversation long enough to just get up and cook. No photos sadly, but I made this White Castle Casserole. The top of it looked like a souffle. It was kind of funny to look at, and a bit oily. Other than that, great flavor. I was surprised the topping worked! No photos, sadly... a bit of commotion in the house from where I rent, and I didn't feel like adding to the awkwardness.

Anyway, that aside, we know that getting new clothes, ordering food or buying yourself some contentment to make up for bad days are a sore spot to anyone's limited budget. I think cooking may be my ticket out of it, only if I manage to have all the ingredients of a recipe handy. Maybe I'll keep a bunch of ingredients, assuming they're non perishables, just in case this sort of day strikes again.

How do you deal with your rainy days? Anything to distract you from spending your way to contentment? Sleeping was a close second for me, but if history teaches me anything, is that sleeping before 9:30PM has me up by midnight and again by 2AM. Not much of a restful sleep!


  1. I think I try to break the rules and do something different: Eat a candy bar, take a nap on the sofa (maybe not in that order); watch a movie I would normally think I have no time for; go somewhere I have not been before. Sometimes we need to break out of a rut and remember what life is about.

  2. I try to have some chocolate on hand :) Or and a frozen pizza (bought on sale with a coupon) for those days when I really don't feel like cooking but still have to feed the kids. I also occasionally leave all the parenting to my husband, lock myself in a room and read a book for an hour. It really helps me to clear out my head. Or just go for a walk (if it's not raining or snowing). I hope today is better than yesterday was for you :)

  3. Rainy days... coffee and something for *me*! Sewing time, reading a good book, wasting time on my iPad playing games, etc... :) But hobbies are the way to go!!