Friday, January 18, 2013

Want to know what's a good investment?

Your health. Yes, that. Yes, you already knew that (hopefully!), but there was something that made me think about this last night.

The landlord's mother was chatting with me that she was worried about the landlord's health. He was at a Dr's appointment, and had called her to tell her his results were, well, not very stellar. He already has some health concerns, and his family history is not good at all. The landlord's mother is nearing 80 and has outlived her husband (heart attack at 61), her three younger brothers (two lost to cancer before 65, one lost to heart attach and diabetes), and her two remaining sisters are very sick/disabled with diabetes-related sickness.

I've mentioned that they eat out every. single. meal. Or 97% of them. The landlord lady cooks maybe 3 times a month, but even then, it's mostly pre-packaged stuff (pre-seasoned meats, boxed mashed potatoes, frozen dinners, canned stuff). The landlord returned and he was very ticked off at his dr's appointment results. He seemed genuinely surprised that his numbers were so bad, especially the sodium intake. He actually said "I don't even use salt"... well, you're eating fast food that has enough sodium content to last you a few days! And the doctor told him so. I was a bit surprised he didn't really know that. Or did he?

Anyway... with his family history, I'd be super paranoid. Thankfully, my family is overall healthy, but we live in different times, so I can't let my guard down. I eat healthy (for the most part), engage in some exercise and cook all of my meals, so I know exactly what's going in it. It doesn't mean I am doing everything right. I will still eat junk, I don't get 30min/day of exercise most days, and I live a very sedentary lifestyle in general. But I don't play against my health either.

I guess my message tonight is, sure, you're doing the big things to preserve your health, such as getting your yearly exams, avoid eating fast food every day, but are you doing the small stuff too? It's not just about a diet; it's about lifestyle changes. Are you going for small fries instead of big fries? Diet coke vs regular? Juice or water instead of soda or alcohol? Are you parking a bit farther from the door? Using the stairs? Do you really know what you're eating? Is smoking worth it? How about drinking?

It made me sad and uneasy to see him upset about his results... and it slightly bothered me that he seemed surprised that his results were not good. It has also made the house a bit uncomfortable overall, but that's for another day.

Taking care of yourself is not a New Year's resolution. It's something that starts when you're old enough to take care of yourself and goes through until you die. If you can't do a lot, then do a little.


  1. Great post! I'm still working on a few of these things but overall I'm trying to stay healthy.

  2. I've eaten WAY too much crap this past week. A lot of takeout and fast food. I've got to get back on track.

  3. Right on Tanner. I am not a poster child for healthy eating but I still try not to overdo it.

  4. Well, to be honest, your landlord's ill health is not your problem, nor should you make it so. He'll have to deal with it his own way. I suspect he will not change his ways.

    Being sedentary is a killer--I suggest you at least try to go for a walk every day. Honestly, even more than eating unhealthy, lack of exercise literally kills people and takes years off of life. And it's so silly a pointless. When compared with cancer and diabetes, it's much easier to endure a 30 minute workout five days a week, don't you think? It's more painful NOT to exercise--sooner or later.

  5. The spouse and I have both seen great improvement in our blood test results wrt cholesterol, triglycerides, etc etc all because we have gradually changed our eating habits. For the longest time, staying out of restaurants was literally impossible for us. With all sorts of birthday celebrations and family get togethers, it was IMPOSSIBLE. Then about a year ago we started to decline invitations and bit by bit whittled the restaurant visits down to almost zero. Yes, the family gave us grief but now they are beginning to respect our decision not to eat high sodium/fat/sugar meals. IMO, restaurants and fast food are true killers. We have knocked that killer on the head and are now working on our weekly menu plan and keeping 'bad' foods out of the house!

    If you can't do a lot, then do a little. ~ I agree!

  6. I agree. I haven't eaten fast food in about 5 years, don't drink, don't smoke, I'm active all day, walk practically everywhere I go, etc... The only thing I need to work on is getting more sleep! lol!!