Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals at a Glance + At hand

I can't remember who, but someone made a board like this for their goals during 2012 (I think Serendipity?). I decided to make one for myself! On Tuesday, I spent a lot of time sorting out my budget and making sure everything matched on the spreadsheets vs what's on my book. Not surprisingly, the spreadsheet was off. Then I added a "small change" that completely threw both the book and the spreadsheets out the window, and spent too much time fixing it up.

I kept referring back to my goals and what exactly they were, so I decided to print it out pocket size to put in my book. I wish I could laminate it, but I'm perfectly happy with the pretty print! How's that for a visual?

As for the "small change"... I'm taking $50 from my debt payments per month to use as extra/personal. Since every extra bit of money will be destined somewhere, this wiggle room will help me hopefully meet with my last 4 goals: buy books to read if the library doesn't quite have what I'm looking for; cook more, which may mean ingredients not in stock; dine out; give to charity. I know it's a small amount (perhaps too small to make much of a difference), but I think it's a good start.


  1. How did you make your cute graphic?

    1. I used Microsoft Publisher and got a bunch of free cliparts online. I could do yours if you want me to! :) It was fun putting them together. Though I'm sure you could use something like Powerpoint and get very similar results.

  2. If that cute board can't keep you motivated, nothing will! ;-)

    Will look forward to seeing how you do in 2013.

  3. I'm glad you keep some money for yourself. It's important to do things you like too. Or it will just be too much!

  4. Oh yours is ever so much nicer than mine! Great job...and the goals are good too :-)

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