Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sadness is in the air

I just don't feel it's right to move along when so many are stuck in such a sad situation. Thoughts and prayers, best wishes and good wishes for all those affected by the Newtown, Conn. incident, including everyone that is reading this. I know it has affected everyone one way or another, but immensely so to the parents, children, siblings, spouses and friends of the slain.

Another thing that's bringing sadness to my heart is an old ex-employee we had, Ms Joan (we called her that even though she was married and we all liked her husband Charles too, who was always with her!). She was everyone's grandmother and lived/worked in FL. She was like a second mother to one of our higher executives. Everyone in the company loved her, including me. She had battled cancer twice over 5 years (and won), but it eventually took every bit of strength she had and she passed in 2011. I had only known her about since 2008 and I was quite devastated. We never met in person, just phone/email troubleshooting things. Meeting in person is severely overrated in this day and age... a good personality and strong spirit travels faster than anything.

I still deal with Charles (for insurance and such), and every so often he sends me paperwork for me to check, and includes notes. He's also sent me some small gifts as thank you. I've kept all of his notes so far. Just received one today:

As I said, sadness is in the air. Just in time for the holiday season... we haven't seen sunshine in about 4 days now (mixture of cloudy, foggy, rainy and misty days), and it just seems fitting. The whole world is mourning and grieving, and that's not a bad thing. May the holiday bring these troubles to rest and some hope for the new year.

I'll return tomorrow to more budget nonsense. I can't stay in this sadness for long. Also, we're supposed to unearth the sun all over again. We'll all be thankful for the warmth.


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon :)

  2. The Holidays can be such a sad time depending on where you are in your life. And having people so hyped up on making merry and some being artificially(or even genuinely) more happy than normal can just point out how unmerry your mood and life is. My mother was a Christmas "nut" so I find it difficult sometimes at the holidays because with all the good memories there is a flood of sadness around what will never be again.

    We have to keep hope alive.
    It's the only thing that keeps us all moving forward some days.
    Here's hoping the sun peeks out again soon! That would help too. ;-)

  3. Curious...why did you choose a boy name for your internet pseudonym? To throw people off more?

    1. Tanner is a gender neutral name. My gender has never been questioned (or particularly important), so not exactly sure where it is throwing people off.

    2. Someone thought you were a boy, and questioned you only because you posted a picture of your shoes, which were obviously women's shoes.

      I have never known of any woman being named Tanner. That's why for the longest time I thought you were a guy, so it did throw me a bit when the anon questioned you about the shoes and you said you were "definitely a girl."

      Gender is and is not important. Our experiences in the world are shaped by our gender, so it would inform readers more about your experiences. A lot of things I've read here made a lot less sense when I thought you were a guy.