Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Others

Alright, following on Mysti's GBU posts, here's mine:

The Good:
- I got a raise!
- 3 more weeks before I can pay the car off. I am so counting down to it.
- I am still very slowly but surely losing some weight. I am sure that Breyers ice cream I got for $0.34 (great sale + coupon match!) is not doing me any favors.
- Finances are still pretty tight, but in good shape.

The Bad:
- The internet at where I rent out of has been TERRIBLE, at best. I've spoken with the landlords so many times and offered to pay for upgrades, but they just say they look into it. They have their TV as entertainment, and I've tried to make them understand that the internet is my entertainment... kind of driving me nuts right now. Wish the internet was directly related to their cable; then I'd see them jump into action ASAP! Can't miss all those trashy reality shows!
- My younger brother used my car to pick up my dad from the airport, since it's the only one that does not have any sort of brake, acceleration or motor problems. So, I'm out of a tank of gas.
- And my parents got a $75 fine for not paying a speed-camera fine. So I am definitely not getting the gas money back!

The Other:
- Working at my part time job on Fri night and Sat. I'll be tired, but it's some extra money. It should help me put together the car payoff overage.
- As per responses to this post, I wont be looking for a part time job... for now. I know you guys wont steer me wrong!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend and have a good start to your upcoming week!


  1. He used a whole tank of gas? How far is the airport?

    1. 2/3s. The airport is about 250mi round trip.

  2. Woo Hoo! Now get some money in that emergency fund and don't let your family know it is there, you old softy.