Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sidetracked putting everything on web-paper

I am glad to see as many posts concerning mortgages the such! I guess I wasn't the only one with mortgages in my mind. (Of course, I will never be! It just doesn't seem that much of a hot topic. People such as Michele helping us with some of the terms, Louise hitting another milestone on her mortgage and Mysti wondering whether she should work on her mortgage before her consumer debt, they have really put the topic back on the table.

I was doing well on my research... I feel a bit like a grade-school child thinking his research on cell development is actually something new, innovative or interesting to the teacher (even though they probably can recite the process in their sleeps!). Then I got introduced to a program by a co-worker: Microsoft's One Note (or its free equivalent EverNote, which is just as good or better).

Have you ever tried them or heard of them? I think they are fantastic! I needed this about 2-4 years ago, but I'll definitely take it now without complain.

Pretty much, it's a program that behaves a lot like your notebook. You can put a bunch of notes about things, dates, events, take pictures or recordings about, well, anything! You can create multiple notebooks, each with different sections. For example, I started transcribing my moving plans into a notebook called 'Moving'. In it, I have sections to detail cost of moving, the areas I am considering to move to and why, job markets and what skills current jobs are asking, stuff I'd need to get to furnish a new place, etc. It's a lot like a collage or collection of post-it notes. I am in love with it and have spent the last day and a half toying with it, transcribing a lot of notes from my notebooks to it.

Best part? It is also online and on your mobile phone! They all sync together. So did you see a really cool idea for a decoration while walking? Take a picture and send it to yourself, to organize later in your notebook. I was looking for a pair of ceramic knives I was recommended years ago, and finally found it. Instead of saving the link to forget it later, I've put it in a "Wants" notebook. I think this is an online/computerized version of a vision board! Another best part? It's fully searchable. So that recipe you read about (and saved) about 3 months ago, that you conveniently only remember included celery and honey can be found through all your notes, notebooks and sections.

Pretty nifty, huh? Well, I'm off to play a bit more with it.


  1. That looks pretty cool! I always forget! I think I used to have Evernote on my iPad but never took the time to learn how to use it.

  2. I have been using OneNote since 3rd year of University.. For someone as much as an organizational freak as me, it's wonderful ! I love all the tabs and notebooks you can file things into.