Thursday, August 2, 2012

August Goals / Mid Year review

I havent done monthly goals in a very long time, and I can't think of any worthwhile ones in August.  It honestly seems rather silly to me to try to mess with my spending, considering my biweekly flexible budget is only of $150.  That's all I get to spend in non-bill items.  Woo hoo.

August is a good month for me.  Even though financially, it will just be quite invisible thanks to the lack of activity, everything’s still getting paid on time and without issue.  August is also a 3-check month! However, I’m nowhere as excited about it as you’d think I should be.  Thanks to my past short-comings, the extra check will quietly be consumed and used to pay the taxes. 

Remember when I said that once my EF takes a hit, it takes in the 8-12 month to recover?  I wasn’t kidding.  Since taking a hit in April, I still have not been able to get it started.  Only things that are suffering are my snowballs and my food/misc personal budget, since those are the only two variable items in my list.

Mid year, I think I'm in pretty good shape... remember those 12 (well, 11) goals at the beginning of the year?  I'm doing just alright meeting them. I'm done with 5, and I am on the right track to finishing another 2.  The rest need a lot of work.  And I need more creative goals, monthly and yearly.

Now back to deciding what I am doing as far as early Christmas shopping... I've never been good shopping for gifts, even if I do enjoy a lot giving them out.  I know it is about 100 degrees out, but have you started your shopping?  How's that Christmas jar/box/container coming along?  Mine's getting fed here and there.  Quite excited to see how much I end up with, even if it is less than $50!


  1. OMG, you're so super organized! I truly admire your ability and talent in budgeting and goal-setting! very encouraging!

  2. While I haven't been feeding a box/jar/pig/pot/etc., I have been saving change and rolling it up as I get enough to make a roll of coins. I just hit $49.50 in rolled coins as of the end of June. At this rate, it won't absorb much of my Xmas expenses but it's better than a poke in the eye, right?lol

    And those 3 paycheck months are awesome, aren't they?!?! If only we had more of those and less of the 2 paycheck variety.....

  3. you let them abuse your should learn the art of saying no...

  4. Christmas? Not thinking about it at ALL! While I save monthly for Christmas I am not an early shopper. But then, my daughter doesn't give me her list til the last minute so it's not my fault lol! My sealed pot bit the dust back in the spring when I had some extra bills to pay off, boo! It's sitting empty and forlorn right now.

  5. We are in a 3 paycheck month as well, I need to decide how to put back as much as I can in our Christmas/vacation fund. I have a couple of handmade Christmas gifts finished but many more I need to get started on. Having the christmas account this year will hopefully help keep me on track

  6. I've barely started thinking about Christmas as college prep has consumed most everything lately! Yesterday I did score a free photo book so that will be a Christmas present for someone. Not sure who yet though! that's the extent of my Christmas planning thus far.