Thursday, June 7, 2012

Going on on another trip

Today I'm on a mission to figure out how to get from point A to a very far away point B for my friends' graduation a few states south. I've looked at maps briefly, I've looked at timing and what not, and since it's only for 3 days, I don't really need to panic a whole lot about what to pack. I currently have everything I'd need to get packed that would otherwise cost me money.

I've got some snacks I scored either cheap or free, gum I bought with coupons (ha), some reusable water bottles I need to put to freeze tonight. Some quick breakfast hotpockets for tomorrow morning (since I really dont feel like cooking at 4am, or stopping to eat along the road). I have all my toiletries still packed and separated. Only thing I have to go get is gas. When I think back to my first trip, I had to get so many things just to get ready, and it was quite costly, since they were more of an after-thought last minute purchase. Now, they all sit pretty waiting for their next use.

I've been thinking that I really enjoy the life of a traveler. I am quite content that despite my constant struggles with money and debt in general, I can say that I'm having a lot of fun traveling without further denting my finances. And as I've said before, when someone asks me what I did at 25, I don't want to tell them I paid off debt. I want to tell them I've traveled through 5 different states visiting with friends (in a very economic way). After all, it's about my life, not my debt.

Well, enough of that. For a bit, I'll get to just relax and have some fun without wondering what disaster may come down on me within the next two months. If all goes well, I'll reach next weekend without any issues or further expenses. That'd be quite nice for a change, huh? June seems to be that calm spot in the middle of a storm. Perhaps I'm in the eye of a hurricane?


  1. Road trips are so much fun. I am happy in the vicarious sense. I wish I could go with you (I have relatives down the same way.)

  2. Have fun! I enjoy traveling as well, if only I had an endless supply of money.