Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Budget Recap 5/10/12 & They want me back!

It almost feels weird to have to do a budget recap. It's like you all are keeping tabs on me. I am keeping tabs on me. It was fun to just be freed from that during Mar/Apr, but no more! 

So, my variable budget remained unchanged:
Groceries: $57.10 / $60
Misc.: $35.90 / $40
Gas: $46.51 / $50
Total: $139.51 / $150.00

All in all, I'm still under by $10.49. Now, I wish I could say it was otherwise great... but besides me not working and still recovering from Mar/Apr, I have certainly not made a lot of forward moving. 

On other more interesting news, CC1 is actually a Bank of America card. If you know a bit about me, you know already this card that is "mine" was actually opened by my mother without my consent/permission/knowledge. But it is legally mine. I also have a Bank of America checking/savings account. Which gives no benefit whatsoever, but it does have free checking. The savings account has given me a total of about $0.05 in all of the past 5 years. Needless to say, it sort of sucks. I am now a happy ING Direct customer.

But the reason I am telling you all this? It seems that BoA is noticing my movements. I stopped Direct Deposit. I keep my bank account with pretty much no funds. Same for the savings account. I removed my Paypal links and deactivated any direct payments to/from that account.  Since doing these things, I have received at least 6 emails from BoA telling me about their features, how to use their mobile banking, how to "save" and how to avoid overdraft fees. I mean, those were all nice and dandy. But then while touring DC, I see this:

Is this their version of a love shack? Sorry, BoA. But we really need to break up. Permanently. I'm still keeping your account out of habit and convenience... but your credit card is falling rapidly. Eventually, you and I will simply be no more. I hope you understand. And if you don't, well. Tough. 

I must be enjoying having my OWN stuff too much. My own bank accounts, my own credit cards. Makes me wonder if I would've made the same mistakes as my mother (overspending, over-drafting my accounts, maxing cards) had I been given the chance. I guess that'll be forever a mystery! 

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  1. I actually wonder if I would have been a spender and in debt as well if credit was easy to obtain here in Barbados but that will forever be a mystery. I found the PF world just in time.