Thursday, May 31, 2012

Overdue post about weekend

For an uneventful weekend, I sure got a lot done. I wasn't working this past Saturday, so I decided to go hunting for wedding clothes. So far in the past, especially with shoes, I often find this one pair, that is alone and one of a kind in this store, and it is exactly my size. And on clearance. I often take that as a sign and buy them. Well, this pick was no different; it was my size, it was on sale, and best of all, it was bought in Delaware, so it was tax free. However, it was $40. That is the most I've spent in a single clothing item, but I am mostly happy with it. And I met my mark for that shopping trip, so go me!

I must be one of those weird people that can go to a mall, go through 12 different stores, and walk out with exactly one item. And lunch. I did cheat and bought some chinese food at the mall, since it was close to 5pm by the time I was leaving (got there at 1pm), and boy was I hungry. That added another $8.

As far as gifts go, I will be spending approximately $50 on the wedding gifts, and I am teaming up with another friend and to buy something nice for our graduating friend. I'm glad we're teaming up, because I had no idea what to get. Also, sharing expenses will be mighty nice.

Last... They say you never forget how to ride a bike... so that either means I never learned, or I'm beating the odds and actually forgetting how to. I spent a good hour on Monday night riding the bike, and it is quite challenging. I didn't fall, so all of my bones are still intact, although I'm quite sore and was severely out of breath when I stopped. I can't make turns yet, but I sure learned how to use the brakes. I've already tried it once again, for 20min around the neighborhood, and boy did I make a fool out of myself. Still no broken anythings, and I havent fallen, but I can't make turns or go in a straight line for long. Oh well. Fun things!


  1. I doubt I still remember how to ride a bike. Last time I rode one was when I was 12 :) I'm actually weird when I shop at the mall too. I rarely shop there to begin with but when I do, I usually buy only what I need even after I went through the whole place.

  2. I haven't ridden a bike in FOREVER. I'd probably fall on my face.

  3. Those are some major achievements!! I have to stay out of malls altogether because I want to buy everything I see! I'm terrible that way so I just don't shop. Except on my birthday!!

  4. Sigh. I have to go to the mall today. I need to pick up 4 graduation gifts. I've really procrastinated on them and need to just get it done. I've got some ideas though, so hopefully I can meet my target.