Friday, May 4, 2012

Me and my loaner (car)

I know I may sound too upbeat about my most recent mess up, but for some reason, it doesn't bother me as much as it should. Maybe because I didn’t give them the money forfeiting the intention of getting it back (like I normally do). But anyway, yes, I screwed up and I’m working my way up… again.

A few of you had some questions, so let me try to address them quickly:
- The Honda car was supposed to be for me, so I could return the loaner car and have a more reliable ride. Then my parents attempted to hide the car from me since my younger sister also wanted the car. I wouldn’t have minded either way.
- The Honda then was supposed to be for my younger sister and I made the mistake of offering to pay for a (large) portion of it so she could take it. My sister would repay me back.
- The Honda car didn’t sell, so my parents took my money and bought a Saturn which needs transmission work. I wasn’t involved in the decision and didn’t learn about it until much after the fact.
- Furthermore, the Saturn is now my parents’, since it’s an SUV type car. My younger sister will probably inherit the other small car of the house (not my loaner). This means I wont be getting paid for it. 
- I could claim the Saturn as my own, since it was my money, but it just doesn’t feel right to do so. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

However, a few of you including Rafiki brought up a very good point:
With this new vehicle, once it is fixed, does that mean my loaner remains a loaner? Or can I claim it for my own, fully and rightfully?

I thought about this, and I realized I don’t like the loaner. I never have. When my car died, which was a car I truly liked, I had to take the loaner. And I hate it. It’s too long and wide and hard to park. It does takes me from point A to point B, but it is lousy. But you know what? It isn’t about me liking it. It is about having a reliable car. So whether I like this car or not, I have decided it is mine. It is no longer a loaner, and though nothing has changed/has to change except my mentality, it makes me feel a bit better to know I have a car that is mine. I may not like it, but hey, can’t win all. It's probably not worth anything as a trade in and it is likely it will get damaged/die in the next 3 or so years, and it already needs new brakes. It needs a VERY thorough cleaning inside and out. But it's my car. Welcome to my family, junkie ex-loaner! 

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  1. That's the spirit and something I like to hear. It's a start, not the end. Work with it for now, it's only temporary.

    I made a pretty light of a sticky situation myself this weekend. I'll post about it tomorrow. Nothing is wrong with being upbeat, so long as you acknowledge what was wrong and you learn from it. Life must go on. We don't need extra stress so I am glad you were upbeat and ready to move on.

    To Infinity and Beyond! as Buzz Lightyear would say.