Monday, February 6, 2012

De-clutter February Challenge 1: DONE!

So, I actually finished cleaning at the 11th hour yesterday. But I was so tired and went to sleep, and I seriously haven't had much of a break until now. So here's some After photos!

While trying to figure out what to do with the sewing machine, I discovered I have a LOT more fabrics than I thought I did. I must get rid of it... by making some things. We shall see.

I got rid of some clothes. So now I have less of them! Yay. Wait, wasnt I trying to grow my wardrobe? 
I wish I could say this was a happy ending, but... we had leftovers. And not of the edible kind.
So the box of summer/warm weather clothes is going under the bed to join another box. The bag is full of clothes that will get donated or tossed. So are those two coats on top of the box. The black suitcase like thing is my younger brother's Playstation, and will be going back to him this weekend. Same thing with the keyboard. I will sort the clothes during this second week, when I tackle the second portion of my personal space.

As for the Low-Spend February, I've only spent about $13.75 which I'll talk about later. A shirt and a mouse for my computer. The mouse is for the computer, not the shirt. I'm not THAT weird. Yet.


  1. Seeing everyone cleaning and tidying up and getting rid of excess clothes makes me want to do the same but I did one of these deep cleanses around Christmas time which included getting rid of some excess clothes as well.

    I guess my room could do with a very slight touch up.

    Everything looks awesome.

  2. Your closet looks great!! Check out "Moda Bake Shope" if your looking for some cute ideas to use up you fabric, they have free patterns

    1. I'll definitely check them out. There's so much that can be done with fabrics, but I'm not that good with the sewing machine.

  3. Love the fabric stash!!!

    Great job.