Friday, January 20, 2012

(Belated) Thursday Budget Recap 1/19/12

It's time for a budget recap, so here's what happened for the days from 1/6/12 to 1/19/12.

(Again, 10 of 14 days were no-spend days.)

Groceries: $48.42 / $60
Personal: $43.00+$9.00* /$40
Gas: $42.52/ $50

*Miscellaneous also included $5 refill for my library card and $4 for toll coming back after Sunday's game.

Seems that once again I have overdone my personal budget by borrowing from other categories. I am still $7.06 underbudget, but I don't feel this is anything to be proud of.


Just because I love looking at goals as much as I enjoy a good painting, here's a second portion of a post.

Copying Michelle who borrowed from Niki. We all love sharing the goodness! My 5 year plan is still unchanged. Well, except that I have an extra unplanned year.

During 2012, I want to bring 4/5 debts to less than $1500. In 2013, I need to study my bum off and take my professional certification test (SPHR), which is in December. That's the soonest I can take this test. If I don't pass it, I can take it again in the summer of '14. But I can't fail it. Even if the pass rate is 43%. I'll start studying March of next year and study the full year leading through December. Heavens help me! 2014 will be a boring year, as I try to gather a minimum of $7,000. Then in 2015, I'll be moving. My life goal for this stage. May isn't a certain date. It will be anytime between April and September. But May just sounds good, doesn't it?

For '16... no idea, honestly. I plan to live in a rented small studio/1br for a year and then I'll find a more... permanent place to live at. I would love to buy a house, (one can dream, no?), but otherwise, I'll just be living it small and cheap until I can get enough to make a downpayment for a house. That will be depending on my salary once I move, and any other things life throws my way. I need to make a more detailed list, but that's that!


  1. You are really doing great. But I have to ask why do you have to refill your library card? Do they charge you to check out books?

  2. Good job with the no spend days. And good luck with your 5 year plan!

  3. @ Judy - They don't. But they charge for prints and what not. I only put about $5/yr, since I don't have a printer and I really don't want one because I'm afraid the ink would go bad before I can use it up. For coupons and what not, the library is nice.

  4. "I am still $7.06 underbudget, but I don't feel this is anything to be proud of." Give your head a shake - you should be SUPER proud that you came in under budget, by ANY amount! I'm proud of YOU:)
    What is SPHR

  5. Umm... What Jane said!! lol! Give credit where credit is due!! You're doing great!! :)

  6. Thanks gals. SPHR is Senior Professional of Human Resources.

  7. I think that $7 something under budget is great!! I rarely come under budget so good for you.