Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More chatter about the future

Ok, so what else was I going to say... oh yes. Extracted from yesterday's post, the whole 'L2only' time.

See, L2 is... a bit large. Standing tall at about $9,000, it'd take me over 70 payments to complete at minimum-payment-only rates. My original plan is to not include it in the snowball when its time come. Why? Because I want to build up savings, and time isn't on my side against this big boy.

Here are some scenarios for it: (All other debt will be paid by month 24)
1) Pay it at min payment rates, save all that money, takes 71 months from now (note: Once I'm moved in and established and get a new job, I will start to snowball it like crazy--but I don't know when that would be, so I can plan it correctly)
2) Pay it in snowball fashion, takes 34mo, no savings
3) Pay it half and half savings to snowball, takes 40mo

I know you're scratching your head wondering why wouldnt I just go with snowball or half a snowball. But here's the thing. There are 2 things that NEED to happen:

1) I need to build up enough savings to move mid 2015. That's non negotiable. I want to have at least 6 months worth of expenses ready.
2) I need a new car (new to me), and plan on making a good/decent down payment + pay it off early.

I might need a car a heck of a lot sooner, which would wreak havoc to my plans. But it is a plan. And if all works as planned, I want to have enough money to put a down payment in a car by mid 2014, all the while saving for my move.

A bit... between a rock and a hard place on this issue, so I am sure I will revisit it again later. But, that's my prize. And that's what I need to keep my eyes on.

Another concept I wanted to introduce was to put my spreadsheets online. At least one of them with the payoffs, so you can better understand (if you care to do so) what I mean with the months and what not.

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