Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Budget Recap 2/2/12 & Most/Least of purchases

Time to make this roundup again. So here's what happened for the days from 1/20/12 to 2/2/12. Extremely boring and uneventful. But lots of savings!

(11 of 14 days were no-spend days.)

Category: Spent / Scheduled
Groceries: $54.52 / $60
Personal: $0 / $40
Gasoline: $43.05 /$50

Grand total: $97.57 / $150.00. So, woo hoo! The remaining went into a snowball to my credit card. Here's for a just-as-successful February!

Also, TeacHer Finance has a really cool way to classify your purchases, called Most and Least. Purchases get categorized into Most/Least expensive, exciting and/or fun. Sadly, my budget was all groceries. And gas. Nothing exciting, fun or expensive outside the norm. So there's that! Make sure to give her a shout. I hope my purchases get a bit more fun so I can participate!


  1. Great job, hey I think adding to the snowball is pretty darn exciting, way to gooooo!!

  2. Good snowball - you are just that much closer to paying off the debts!

  3. how amazing is it that you only spent on gas and groceries! i don't know that we've EVER done that! way to go!

    also, p.s. can you email me and tell me where you got your debt progress bars on the right? I feel like i have never been able to find a good coding! thanks!